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Guaranteed Staging

We will stage your ENTIRE home from top to bottom and you won’t have any upfront costs or fees! In fact, you won’t have to pay us anything at all if your home doesn’t sell. 

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Guaranteed Staging
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We know the power of a full home stage. That’s why when we do your guaranteed staging, we take out all the stops and stage your home tip to tail!

With Guaranteed Staging, there is NO up-front charge. You’ll love how we’re able to quote your pricing right here on our website. You can even sign the contract online! And we do a free in-home consultation to make sure we stage your home to perfection so you can get the premium results you want!

2-5 Days (see example below)

  1. Initial consultation on Monday
  2. Designing and pulling items on Tuesday
  3. Staging the home on Wednesday

With our Guaranteed Staging, you don’t have to pay anything unless the home sells. We’re fully confident that our beautiful, market-focused staging can make your home another great success story! With Guaranteed Staging, there’s zero risk for you, and your best chance at exceptional results!

If your Guaranteed Staging estimate falls outside your budget, please consider booking a consultation for custom staging instead! Custom staging quotes are based on a different pricing structure with the starting points at $4000 in PDX and $6000 in SEA.


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