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(EXAMPLE CALCULATION: If you have a sales price of $ x the staging fee percentage of that sales price %  = Staging fee due at closing of )
*No downpayment required by client at signing. All payments due within 7 days after property has closed. Pricing subject to change based on final sale price of property. Please refer to the "Guaranteed Staging Provisions" for detailed information.


Performance Guarantee: OnStage guarantees the client will only be billed for staging services performed by OnStage, if the property sells.  If client enters a Sale Agreement for home within 365 days from contract termination date, then the Owner shall pay Onstage the amount equal to the agreed staging amount  (% of actual sale of property + tax on furniture rental). No waiver, amendment, extension or variation in the terms of this agreement shall be valid against a party unless in writing and signed by both parties and then only to the extent specifically set forth in the written waiver, amendment or extension. If for any reason a sale does not occur within 365 days of the removal of furnishings, the client has no obligation to pay for staging. 

Opening Escrow: Within 2 business days of opening escrow, client shall provide OnStage with a written notice that Escrow has been opened. Notice must include: escrow company, escrow Officer, escrow number, sale price for home, and the anticipated closing date. 

Payment out of Escrow: Client agrees to direct escrow company, upon closing, to pay OnStage % actual sale price of the property. Funds to be deposited in an Onstage bank account within 7 days of closing date. If full funds are not available in escrow, client is obligated to deposit the difference before property closing.  In the event the client does not deliver the Escrow Notice in a timely manner (before closing), OnStage reserves the right to charge the credit card on file (information to be filled out on last page of proposal) 

Late Payment Policy/Alternative Billing Information: Client agrees to provide an alternative payment method at the time of signing. OnStage has the irrevocable right to charge this alternative payment method if payment is not received within 7 days of recorded closing. 

Non Payments: If any payment is more than (7) days late, client will pay a late fee of 18% per annum or 1.5% per month, beginning on the date the payment was due.

Installation and Design: OnStage at its sole discretion, will evaluate the property and determine the style/manner in which it will be staged for presentation to prospective buyers. All staging and design decisions are at the discretion of OnStage and are subject to change. Homeowner/broker understands that staging is to be left frozen in place without tampering or removal unless permission is granted by OnStage.

Based upon its preliminary evaluation, OnStage plans to install furnishings, accessories, and other decorative items (the furnishings).  If additional items are added to the  staging, the client agrees to pick up/remove items prior to the de-staging date. In the event that OnStage picks up the items, the client will be responsible for picking them up at the OnStage office.      

Additional Work and or Services: OnStage may require the client obtain additional services offered by other vendors, which are not included in the OnStage services. OnStage is not responsible for these services. Client is solely responsible for contracting and payment with the additional service providers. All service requirements will be outlined in the OnStage proposal as a condition to accepting the agreed proposal.  

Scheduling Staging: Client must provide a signed completed contract to secure a staging date. Client understands that staging may take up to 3 days to complete. 

Rescheduling/Cancellation Prior to Scheduled Staging Date: Rescheduling within 48 hours of staging date will be subject to a $500 fee. Cancellation within 96 hours of staging date will be subject to a $1,000 fee. Cancellation within 24 hours of staging date will be subject to $3,000 fee.

Condition of Home Prior to Staging: Client acknowledges that they are responsible for completing all work agreed to prior to staging. The property  must be clean and ready for OnStage upon arrival. If the additional work and or services required before staging is not completed prior to the staging date, client is  responsible for any additional fees that may apply. Failure to comply with this policy may result in the rescheduling of this appointment and additional fees. 

Access: The client will provide to OnStage all keys and alarm codes necessary to permit entrance into the property 24-hours prior to the staging appointment.

Photography: Client agrees photography will not be scheduled on the day of staging and that OnStage may take photos of the project for marketing purposes. 

Parking Permits (if applicable): Parking permits are the client’s responsibility and must be purchased prior to OnStage arrival. 

Initial Agreement Start Date: First day of the initial contract will commence the day following staging completion.

Artwork Use: OnStage may hang artwork and mirrors with nails or screws as reasonably necessary to secure them, which will require making holes in the walls of the property. OnStage will remove all nails or screws and fill holes. OnStage is not responsible for repainting or touch up.

Damage or Theft of OnStage Property: The homeowner and client agree to keep the property secured as necessary to protect the furnishings. The client is responsible for any  loss of or damage to the furnishings and will pay the full cost of repair or replacement.

Removal Prior to Contract End Date: I understand that if the full duration of the contract is not used, I will not receive a credit or refund for the remaining rental.  Additionally, OnStage reserves the right to access the property to remove staging in the event of non payment at their sole discretion. Client will be responsible for any and all collection fees including reasonable attorney fees, commencing with written notice from an OnStage attorney of the past due balance and subsequent efforts to  collect debt. Jurisdiction for any action filed in court is in the state of Oregon. Venue is in Multnomah County Circuit Court. OnStage may assign this debt to a third party, at  their discretion. 

It is understood that this transaction is a rental and not a conditional sale or financing agreement. Title and ownership to each item of the Rental Items shall remain under the control of OnStage unless transferred after the purchase of the Rental Items in accordance with any option to purchase granted by this agreement. You will not grant a security interest of any kind nor dispose of any item of Rental Items. You shall keep the Rental Items free and clear from all levies, attachments, liens and encumbrances and shall not in any way impair OnStage control over such Rental Items. OnStage has the right to file a financing statement at any time to give notice of its control of the Rental Items.

Right to Demand Performance: Any failure by OnStage to require full performance by you of the contract shall not affect OnStage right to demand such performance in the future. DEFAULT: OnStage may terminate this contract at any time and repossess the Rental Items without legal process if: (1) You violate any of the Rental provisions and fail to cure such violation within fifteen (15) days of the violation; (2) You become insolvent or make any assignment for the benefit of your creditors; or (3) any proceeding is instituted by or against you under bankruptcy or similar laws for the relief of debtors, or the home- owner’s debtors, or if a receiver is appointed for any of yours or the homeowner’s assets.



This contract contains the entire agreement between you & OnStage, and supersedes all prior agreements between you and OnStage whether written or oral, and may be amended only by written document signed by both parties. YOU ACKNOWLEDGE THAT YOU HAVE READ THIS RENTAL AGREEMENT COMPLETELY AND UNDERSTAND AND AGREE TO ITS TERMS. FURTHERMORE, YOU HAVE PRINTED A COPY WHICH YOU WILL REFER TO AS NECESSARY IN YOUR USE OF THE RENTAL ITEMS. 

The client and the homeowner will indemnify, defend, and hold harmless OnStage and its successors, affiliates, officers, employees, representatives, and agents against all  claims, losses, liabilities, costs, or other damages, including without limitation reasonable attorneys’ fees, arising from any breach of a covenant or warranty given in or under  this agreement; this obligation will survive termination of this agreement. In the event of any default or dispute under this agreement, the non-defaulting or prevailing party will  be entitled to recover reasonable attorney's fees, collection fees and expenses, and costs from the defaulting or non-prevailing party, whether or not a lawsuit is filed. If any  party, without fault or liability, is made a party to litigation with a third party instituted by or against any other party to this agreement, related to this agreement or its subject  matter, the other party shall indemnify against all reasonable costs, including attorney's fees, incurred because of the litigation.

OnStage reserves the right to void the staging contract 48 hours before the agreed staging date. Client will be refunded if necessary.


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