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Our Results-Oriented Process

Here’s what we’ll do to help your home fly off the market.

To sell fast and for more, buyers need to feel an immediate emotional connection with your home. 

They need to feel a sense of belonging inspiring them to envision themselves hanging out in your living room, enjoying a tasty meal around your dining table. 

Staging your home properly allows buyers the opportunity to see its fullest potential, in its most flattering and alluring form.

Here’s how we make that happen for you:

STEP 1: We meet you at your home or listing

During this process we will make recommendations as to which rooms should be staged based on your budget and the needs of your listing.

Meeting at the home allows us to make additional recommendations to each of our clients and share resources such as simple updates that may have a big impact on the sale price your home or listing. For example: paint or light fixtures.

STEP 2: We pull together your custom look from our extensive inventory

At OnStage we have over 2.5 million dollars in inventory available at any given time allowing us to cater our look to any style or price point of home.

OnStage currently houses our inventory in a combined total of 40 thousand square feet of warehouse space.

STEP 3: We deliver the staging to your home or listing

80% of the work associated with staging your property is completed back at the warehouse. This preparation allows us to limit the time we spend on site staging your listing. Each item is pulled intentionally which means we know exactly where the item will be placed before we arrive on the day of staging.

STEP 4: We remove the staging from your home or listing

We take the most pride in this process as it is the result of the successful sale of your home or listing.

We take pride in leaving your home or listing as we found it for the new owners.

Our company

OnStage has the distinction of giving you a competitive advantage

Our Legacy

You’re likely to experience an array of emotions when putting your home on the market. It’s not a small task and it’s also possibly quite stressful. Having some expert support from people you can trust is often needful.

Enter OnStage…

Since 2004, OnStage has helped sell over $6 billion in real estate and we aren’t slowing down. Home staging is no small matter with us. Everything we do is proven and perfected.

We create beautifully curated and customized interior designs to give your home a competitive edge in an ever increasingly crowded market. Staging your property frees up your time and successfully increases your sale potential. It’s a well-crafted solution that results in an easier life.

Through our innovative and consistent staging, we provide the highest quality of work to our clients with quick turnaround times and reasonable pricing.

Client satisfaction is our top priority and no project is too large or too small – we have something for everyone and each situation is handled with the attention and care it deserves regardless of its price or size.

Why Choose Us?

It’s all about putting your home in the best position to get you the results you want.

It’s impossible to separate the world of real estate from the world of design. Both are continuously changing and challenging their professionals to be on top of the latest trends, to anticipate the needs of their clients, and to be three steps ahead of the competition. We love it.

When a potential buyer enters a house, they want to see their future. They want to see how good their lives can be. They want to see their own potential realized. Too often, they are met with a parade of empty rooms that are quickly forgotten. At OnStage, we understand that staging is essential to showing a buyer not just a house, but a home.

Understanding the needs of the seller and the mindset of the buyer is one of our specialties.

Because of our insight, expert designers, and dedication to quality, OnStage has been the Pacific Northwest’s premier home staging company since 2004. Our clients know that they can always count on us to gain a competitive edge in a crowded market. By partnering with real estate agents and homeowners, we have helped sell over $6 billion in real estate and that number just keeps growing.

Our extensive home decor and furnishing inventory is top quality, stylish, and perfectly suited to bring out the best in any home— Traditional Craftsman, Ultra Modern, NW Contemporary, Mid-Century, Eclectic.… There’s no style we don’t excel in.

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I got started in home staging by accident, and the accident has turned out pretty good for all involved.  Now 18 years later, we have an AMAZING staff, multiple locations an am very proud to say that we offer our employees health and retirement benefits.  I believe much of our success was not giving up in the beginning, empowering our team to make decisions, taking risks and continuing to change and evolve in how you run the business and how you do things.  This has been a learning journey, and the learning continues every day. 

Before home staging, I had an interesting work background.  I first worked for a comic book publisher, I then transitioned over to managing the production of over 300 books and the components of each book.  After about 9 years, I then transitioned into visual merchandising for Nordstrom. I feel as though this job is what really got me thinking about how important visual presentation is, which later translated into home staging. 

Like many other stagers, I have literally staged thousands of properties.  Many times, the furniture was nicer than the house it was going into, but it was my job to make the home look its very best.  I have met many interesting people over the years and seen a lot of crazy things, but I think it’s been the crazy that has kept me going.  For myself, the most rewarding jobs are the modest homes of first-time sellers.  They are very self-conscious about their home and that it is not the biggest or most beautiful.  When they see the end product, they are the most appreciative and never realized that their home could look this nice.  And to get the call that it went over asking is just icing on the cake.



With my passion for the Home Staging, I am committed to pushing new and innovative initiatives that influence the growth and advancement of the industry as a whole. Owning a business in an space that is still in its infancy has allowed me to develop and collaborate with other industry leaders to lay the groundwork and provide leadership to the entire community of home staging professionals.

With an undergraduate degree in Business Administration emphasizing Finance and an MBA, I have developed an ever-evolving business model representing sustainability and efficiency, making strategic decisions utilizing capital budgeting, statistical analysis, and other finance degree functions to make predictions and plan accordingly for the growth of the company.

Working in every position within OnStage has enhanced my understanding of the challenges associated with running a successful home staging company. With this hands-on experience, I can refine our supply chain while acknowledging the challenges presented to my team members through the integration and execution of the process. We have successfully integrated a chain of command through this process, including an extended corporate structure that is responsible for evaluating and executing technical advancements for each of our 2 locations (Portland, Seattle). This was deemed our greatest challenge and success as we had to build a structure within an industry with no structure or entry barriers.

Kevin Somerscales

Sales Manager

Kevin Somerscales has had the pleasure of living in the Pacific NW  on and off for the past 17 years. Raised in St. Louis, made his trek across the country and landed in the beautiful city of Portland. Upon completing his bachelor’s degree in Business from PSU he decided that owning/working at a small business was the direction he wanted to take. After being a full time real estate broker for 5 years, the pivot to being the Sales Manager at OnStage was seamless.

Kevin comes to the table with a “How can I be of service” attitude. He understands how staging and design can not only paint a picture for a buyer but ultimately maximize the financial potential.

In his free time, he can be found surfing the Oregon coast, white water kayaking the many rivers of the PNW, playing mediocre music with his dad friends, and enjoying time with his wife, kids, and 2 gassy dogs.


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