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The highest potential return on your investment. With this option, your home is showcased at its very best!​

Vacant Home Staging is the process in which we provide furnishings, artwork, and accessories for each room within your home or listing. The question of which rooms should be staged is dependent on the needs of each space and whether or not staging that space will increase the potential value of your home or listing through the sales process.

Vacant staging doesn’t mean your home must be empty for us to stage it but rather each room that we are staging must be empty. Yes, you can still live your home while receiving the full benefits of staging by clearing the recommended rooms for us to stage.

At OnStage we recommend to each of our clients that they purchase Vacant staging because it offers the highest potential return on their investment. Vacant staging allows us to fully customize the furniture, artwork, and accessory selections to showcase your home or listing at its best.

(2nd best option)


home staging

Complement the beautiful furnishings your home already has for a complete on-style look to get the ultimate in results.

Occupied Home Staging is the process in which we augment the current furnishings in each space with furnishings, artwork, and accessories that will complement what is currently present in the space.

This method works exceptionally well in listing where the furnishings in the space already complement the style and the price point of home. Additionally occupied staging may be purchased as a lower cost alternative to vacant staging although this is not recommended.

If we find that the current furnishings in your home or listing meet this criteria we will advise you to go with Occupied staging as opposed to Vacant Staging as a lower cost alternative.

Please note:
Occupied home staging is only available in select locations.


Home Staging

Work with your current furnishings and decor by having OnStage professional redesign and or de-clutter what you already have. 

ReDesigning is the process in which OnStage will work with the current furnishings within your home or listing to effectively showcase the potential of each space. Not every home is kept the same. In many cases a ReDesign can be as simple as effectively place furniture in the appropriate spot, and in other cases it is a matter of de–cluttering the space and recommending what to remove from each space to showcase your home or listing at it highest potential. 



Love what you see in the listing we stage? Every item is available for purchase upon request. 

If you find yourself falling in love with not only the listing but also the furniture, artwork, and accessories you will be happy to know all of our lovely items are for sale. 

If you liked our style, by not necessarily what you saw in a listing, you can scheduled a walk through of our warehouse to shop what we currently have on the floor. 


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We stand by the quality of our services and as a result guarantee* our clients’ satisfaction. We value high quality furnishings, artwork, and accessories and guarantee to make your home or listing showcase at its highest potential and value.


If it’s premium results you’re looking for, our approach yields proven success and offers value you won’t find anywhere else.

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