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Statistics & Inventory

Collectively, we have over 40,000 square feet of warehouse space.

In order to maintain our own supply, we own all of our furniture and products. This allows us to use it as we wish, where we wish and when we wish to use it.

9.5 days on market from initial Active to Pending dates.

2-5 Days (see example below)

  1. Initial consultation on Monday
  2. Designing and pulling items on Tuesday
  3. Staging the home on Wednesday

why Staging

Home staging is the service that designs and sets your home with furniture and accessories to add to the aesthetics of the home. This is done to enhance the attractiveness for the viewers or potential buyers.

A typical buyer forms an impression of a home within the first 10 seconds of being in the property. A staged home makes it easier for buyers to visualize their own belongings in the property. If buyers can’t picture themselves living there, they are not likely to buy it.

In our opinion, Yes! One of the main reasons why our staging is statistically proven to sell houses faster is because we provide a competitive edge to the clients house, making it more appealing to the potential buyers.

We can not say home staging for everyone works. Sometimes, house just dont sell. But what we can say is that we have a 3rd of the median days on market when comparing us to other stagers as well as not staging in general. The houses we design and stage sell 3x faster than our competition.

Most of the time, yes! We have done enough research into our own stats that around 30-60% of the house OnStage has staged end up selling at least some amount over asking. We say some amount because this varies based on area and the initial inspection that occurs.

This is an easy one! Choosing the right stager is really up to your main goals. If you are looking to just put furniture in an area to fill the space, then you would want to go with a cheaper stager. But if you are looking to WOW your potential buyers and create a wide gap between you and your real estate competition, then you would want to go with OnStage.

Staging services

  1. After scheduling and signing our contract agreement, we will send one of our expert designers to the desired work location.
  2. They will do a walkthrough with the client and asses what is needed to be done in order for your home to look the best.
  3. After returning to the office after the redesign service, the designer will send any and all notes and information that was discussed during the project.
Occupied staging refers to designing and staging a home that currently has furniture and people still living in the home. The main goal is attempting to incorporate the style of the homeowner with our own. But, due to our vast amount of inventory, we are able to accomplish this goal with 99.9% of all houses. We have a diverse range of furniture and accessories in over 30,000 ft of warehouse space.

We refer this type of service as a “Custom Staging”. This service works by pulling hand picked furniture from our warehouse and delivering and creating a custom staging to provide the most necessary design to the project. Vacant staging allows all needs of the house to be satisfied.

Investment Costs

The pricing of our staging varies. The key factor that is considered is the overall size of the home. This is key mainly because of what could be needed to cover the space and how many rooms are desired by the client.

We price the furniture based on the items. This allows the clients to have as much or as little as they want without taking out rooms all together.

Typically, the homeowner is the one that signs the contract and is the one to pay for the staging. 

We are a premiere staging service. We charge the way we do mainly because of our verifiable turnaround time, our quality of service and most importantly our ease and efficiency of service. No other staging company on the market right now is able to do what we do as fast, efficient and with the same level of expertise as OnStage.

staging process

Due to the drastic increase in sales of homes during the end of spring through the summer, the best time to create a competitive edge is either right before this drastic climb in sales occurs, or during. This will allow your home to be able to stand a chance to the house across town that is roughly the same size but a little less expensive.

Another strategy for staging is to stage during the fall and the winter seasons. This isn’t as common but is still done because many people like to buy during the slow season. There is less demand and yet the same amount of supply, which would generally decrease the value of a home. But by staging during this time, you are able to keep the same price for you house due to the design aspect and aesthetics that staging creates.

  1. After the consultation, our team will send out the contract in anticipation to be signed
  2. Once we receive a signed contract, we put the project on our schedule for the next available time slot
  3. We then stage the home.

When it comes to individual input, we find it’s not in our client’s best interest to accommodate design input. Our designers have many years of experience with home design and staging, allowing them to make objective and accurate depictions of what is needed for each individual space. This expertise is derived from understanding what potential buyers would like to see.

Of course you can, but what this does is create many difficult situations with people working around each other. It also could cause potential damages and delays. This is especially true if those additional services would include painting and or installing. So in a nutshell, we strongly recommend that you don’t schedule other services at the same time as staging. 


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