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Making Sense

What is this?

There is nothing more off-putting to a potential buyer than a room or a space that just doesn’t make sense.

Giving purpose to these ambiguous spaces can mean all the difference between a sale or no sale!

Fun little nooks and alcoves are a great design tool and can add architectural elements and a sense of fun to a room. But, they can become more of a challenge if they don’t present an obvious use or reason for being.

Look at it this way

Giving that cute little nook an appealing and marketable use is the key! The question can still remain though; what do you do with this nonsense?

Looking at a room or space from a new perspective is often just the ticket to making sense out of all of this. A new office space might be created, or a cozy reading nook. A kids play space can demonstrate additional family communal use. Sometimes using the space to make a bold statement with something like a large floor mirror is also a great way to make sense of the nonsense.

Just remember, it still has to make sense!

The OnStage Difference

Making sense out of nonsense and making blah into beautiful. That is the OnStage difference.


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