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Home Staging

The pattern of patterns in Portland

How do you mix patterns? How do you work with a patterned rugs, draperies, and upholstery? Pillows! Besides the obvious technique of layering on solid colors, using a fabric that has a large print pattern and alternating the direction pattern on the pillows  compliments and calms down other busy patterns. This look works for both traditional and contemporary styles. We’re lucky enough to have a wonderful seamstress on staff that can create pillow covers for

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Home Staging

Time and money well spent

With the new year under way we’re encountering properties that we quoted for staging last fall that decided to forego staging. We’ve so far had two that sat on the market part of the summer and all fall with no interest. After staging they’ve now sold in less than a week. Just think all the time, money, and stress that could have been saved if they’d gone ahead with staging when they first listed! Sometimes

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