It’s always interesting to set a job while the homeowner is present. We often here the comment “I’ve lived here for “X” years, and in 2 hours, you’ve made it look better than I ever did”

In just 2 hours we can transform an entire house!


2 hours….. Or so….


there is the consultation at the home. This is where we spend time getting a feel for the space, and formulating our plan.

Then, the office comingling of minds. We collaborate with our co-designers to share our plan, and get opinions for improvement, and other points of view.

Finally, the work in the warehouse. Building our set “from the rug up”.


Before we even get to a job dozens of hours have already gone into the careful selection of furnishings, and space planning.


Which is why, in only 2 hours, staging can do amazing things for a property.