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Photography & Function

Form follows function…

Or so they say. But function is not always photogenic.

One of the main reasons staging is such a strong tool in the home selling process is the alluring photography that first captures buyers attentions. However, how we live in a room, how a space is actually used, can create barriers to capturing these alluring images.

Good staging should always endeavor to show true functionality of a space while creating a tableau that is a photographers dream!

Watch your back

A photo featuring the back of a chair or sofa is not alluring. A bedroom where the bed seems to be blocking the path into the room is not alluring. A dining space with furniture of improper scale is not alluring. Benches in lieu of chairs is a great way to display practical seating space without building a wall that blocks the view or entry into the room.

Imaginary velvet ropes

This happens when a room is arranged in such as way that it doesn’t draw people into the space; rather they just peek inside the room as if there is a velvet rope blocking the door. The longer a buyer stays in a property, the better the chance that they will fall in love with it.

You shall not pass!

Rooms should be arranged so that buyers are invited in and through the space. A room should  be pretty to be in, as well as pretty to look at. This is especially true in large great rooms or other open areas. It’s important to define the space as well as make it inviting and draw your audience in and invite them to stay.

The OnStage Difference

Watching your back and avoiding the velvet ropes creates a space that lends itself to photography and is also functional. That is the OnStage difference.


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