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Staging or decorating?

We always say that there is a fine line between decorating and staging, but what exactly is that line?

Mainly, decorating is design meant to appeal to a small group or even just one person. Staging is design geared to appeal to the widest audience possible.

For example, when decorating someones home it can be ok to treat each room with it’s own look, style or feel. In staging, we aim for a cohesive consistent look and color palette throughout the entire home.

This difference also affects the accessories used to compliment a space. When decorating there is less concern given to size. When staging a home, part of our focus is that the home photographs beautifully. This means that rather than using a lot of small accessories which tends to look cluttered in an online photo. Using fewer larger accessories gives good pops of color without being too busy and distracting.

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