Staging and living with decor

We frequently get the response “This looks amazing, why can’t it look like this when I live here?”


Here are some tips:

Shop with purpose. Our sets look cohesive because we “pull with purpose”. We select items from our warehouse stock for specific areas of the home. You can apply this to shopping for your home. “Browsing” is when people tend to buy things that have no use or don’t match the rest of their decor. Remember that just because something is pretty in the store doesn’t mean it has to come home with you. It can be pretty in the store and you can visit it any time you like!

Rotate your stock. All those mementoes, memorabilia, and miscellany don’t all have to be on display at all times. Storing some items and rotating them out keeps you engaged with your home, much the same way zoos alter the habitats to keep the animals stimulated. This also helps you avoid letting your home get cluttered. A biannual refresh gives you the chance to clean out debris.

You can’t hurt it’s feelings. We all have the tendency to place sentimental value on things. But in the end, things are just things and you won’t hurt it’s feelings by letting it go to someone who will actually use it, or who’s decor it will match. We see so many properties preparing for estate sales, and the homeowners are relieved to unload themselves of so much baggage and be able to decorate to their style and not have a style forced onto them.

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