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Home Staging Tips to Mind the Gap
Home Staging

Mind the gap

We often say that there is a fine line between staging and decorating. How you treat empty spaces is one of those. When decorating your home filling walls, rooms, shelves, and surfaces with your objet d’art is great! For staging purposes, we find empty spaces to be a useful tool to make a home feel more spacious, as well as help lead a buyer from room to room.

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Home Staging Purpose or Imagination
Home Staging

Purpose or imagination

We often come across ambiguous spaces, or rooms that are difficult to read. In some cases we find it necessary/beneficial to give purpose, or show use of a space. Showing buyers how a home functions can engage them with the home. Conversely, sometimes it is best to leave the use of a space up to the imagination of the buyer. If a room is given a specific use, buyers may not be able to see it

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