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Home Staging What's In An Odor

What’s in an odor?

Odors are an easy way to ensure that your home sits on the market with out any offers.

Be it food, pet, moisture, or perfume, an oder-ific home is a big turn off to home buyers.

Trying to mask odors, or simply adding scent to a home is not something that we advise. If there is an odor issue, it’s best to address the cause of the odor. Perfumes and scents may cover the underlying smell, but also leads buyers, and more importantly Realtors and Inspectors to question what is being covered up!

While scented oils/candles and air fresheners can evoke pleasant associations with a home, they also are able to bring about negative associations since attraction and smell is a very individual experience. While one person may love the scent of Lavender, another may hate it. A neutral, clean sensory palette ensures a good response from buyers to your home.

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