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2017 Interior Design Trends

The ever-changing and innovative methods for designing a beautiful space never fail to excite those who covet material expression. In 2017 interior design trends, we’ll see au courant inspired projects ranging from small-scale to those of epic proportions.

Let’s start with floors & walls.

The floor is perhaps the most misused fixture in your house, withstand tromping, spills, dog prints, and worse, but they’re faithful companions, loyal through the years. Walls offer sanctuary and dictate vibe. Endless options allow for the most creative of designs.


An earthy element indeed, terracotta looks amazing in its usual role as the star of a traditional Southwestern theme, but our sources say the new year will see these dusty reds popping up in unexpected places like modern kitchens and elegant bathrooms. It’s a versatile choice for both floors and walls (think backsplash), and brings a cozy warmth to any space.

Patterned Tile & Wacky Shapes

Get funky, go retro, or try traditional with a twist. Patterned and uniquely shaped tile allows for a vast range of style. From hipster to country club, the perfect pattern awaits. Look for fearless colors, odd shapes, and unconventional layouts – herringbone can be dressed up or down, geometric patterns impress the eye, and strategic placement puts extra in the ordinary.


Wood is truly timeless. The most versatile of mediums, wood continues to deliver, allowing for many moods for many styles. The rustic look that dominated 2016 will overlap 2017 design trends, bringing us walls adorned with reclaimed or distressed wood and floors slapped with wide planks and an unfinished feel. Raw is where it’s at and naked, old wood is the best kind of wood in the new year.

Color, Beautiful Color

How does one choose from infinity? Never-ending shades of color and textures abound create the mood of your room and can satisfy the pickiest of palates. Color aficionados anxiously await the new year’s trends in hue and 2017 promises to be full of earthy tones, greens and shades of blue.

Sherman Williams color of the year is Poised Taupe; a beautiful balance of warm and cool and an easy choice for a neutral palette.

The folks at Pantone predict green. Olive green, mossy green, chartreusey-green… If it’s green, it’s good. Also on their list are an array of warm earth tones peppered with bright accents like blue and yellow. A sneaky way to be bold without committing to a paint color you might regret.


With the bones of your living space intact, let creativity burst from the box and make your space truly yours. The hard part is picking a project.


2017 loves black and white. Photos, prints and, general décor make for beautiful contrast. A collage of black and white photos or a vintage piece will do just fine.

Before you travel the world, buy a map and explore the possibilities. Framed maps put off an intelligent and worldly vibe and add dimension to lonely walls seeking company.

Did we mention cork? Not only will you see cork on floors, but walls and décor will buddy up to this versatile wonder. You might even see furniture forged from cork – if you can imagine it, you can probably design it. This stuff is great!


Green is good, and this lively color transcends the confines of pillows and paint. Think living, breathing décor – plants, of course. Living walls have been creeping their way into the hearts of plant-lovers for a handful of years now, but they’ve become easier to make and maintain and we’re seeing this trend photosynthesize its way into the mainstream.

From mossy patterns weaving through canals of carefully spaced tiles, to pots galore hanging from earthy jute twine; plants are here to stay and it’s easier than ever to cultivate a living wall or vertical garden. Bringing the outdoors inside offers up a grounding presence and adds a pureness to your space that no medium can match.


Some prefer the term “nook”, but these small living spaces are designed to envelop its inhabitant in a cocoon of warmth and cozy – perfect for hiding out with a book or taking some introspective time away from vast walls and high ceilings. From a peacefully tepid sunroom to a carved- out corner that beckons with its glowing ambiance, these dedicated spaces are on the rise in 2017.

Be you a lover of nature’s warm tones or an aficionado of the chilled beauty of modern cool colors, twentyseventeen has something for everybody. From green to cork and back to green you’re sure to find ideas to suit your taste.

Happy New Year, and get to work!

“Imagination is the beginning of creation. You imagine what you desire, you will what you imagine, and at last, you create what you will” – George Bernard Shaw

2017 Interior Design Trend Predictions

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