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6 Ways to Style Your Mantel

6 Ways to Style Your Mantel

So many choices, too little space.

What’s on your mantel? From black and white photos to wildly colorful accoutrements, your home’s mantel is likely the centerpiece of the room it occupies and should make a statement about who you are.

Whether you’re a minimalist or a collector, you can find fun ways to adorn these spaces to showcase your style and carry the cadence of your home.

Themed mantels are your best bet and as you puzzle and ponder your grand vision, take a peek at these ideas and wait for inspiration to hit.

For The Nature Lovers

Fresh flowers and live plants can simultaneously ground and uplift any type of space. Succulents can be paired with earthy vessels or modern containers to please any palate and dried arrangements garnished with long, craggy twigs are a versatile choice for any vibe. You can’t go wrong with nature-themed mantels as long as your style remains consistent.

For The Modern Family

The modern mantel is a minimal mantel. These cool beauties have style and grace, and demand to be admired for their authentic selves. Stripped down to bare bones, use unique and one of a kind items with sleek shapes and clean lines.

For The Love of Art

Art evokes feeling so use this to your advantage. Animate your space with extravagant explosions  of color or create a calming ambiance with a somber portrait. Art traverses and transcends, and there’s something for everyone; consider figurines, paintings, sculptures, or pottery. Whatever you choose, look for pieces that speak to your heart and please the eye.

For The Rustic Aficionado

Wood and metal serve to anchor a rustic affect. Mix and match these contrasting mediums and transform your space to cozy cottage or barnyard chic. Use pine cones, antlers, and earthy, dried foliage (old and faithful staples) in innovative and creative ways sure to create warm and intimate gatherings around your hearth.

For The Beachcomber

What would a beach theme be without shells, starfish, coral, and driftwood? The beach motif calls for clusters and collections, allowing for a more substantial display of your coveted treasures. Pick beautiful glass jars to house sand and shells, add a touch of fun with beachy placards, and nautical art or figurines will round out your showcase.

For The Four Seasons

Seasonal changes inspire and produce creative bursts in those who love to decorate. With each season, the same decor appears again and again (there’s no escaping the gourds) so instead of fretting about finding uncommon goods, focus your creative energy on layout and presentation. Try mixing mediums, going all out of a theme of your choosing, or, if you’re full of energy and want to try something new, head over to Pinterest and dive head first into some good old fashioned DIY.

If you’re looking to revamp and reinvent, work from what we’ve given you and don’t be afraid to experiment with new ideas. Here are some guidelines that’ll help your process along and serve as the framework for your masterpiece.

Guides and Suggestions

Go Big: It’s wise to start with your biggest piece and work around it. A mirror, an art piece, a wreath or a photo… these are great places to start.

Back To Nature: Incorporating earth elements like plants, stones, flowers, or twigs bring life to your room and match most anything.

Color, Shape, & Texture: Variety is good, but we don’t want your mantel looking like a knick-knack shelf at the thrift store. Be mindful of textures, shapes, and colors and endeavor to mix and match with consistency, purpose, and strategy.

Keep in mind that trends come and go and your mantel can be a reflection of your changing tastes and whims. The trick is finding ways to reinvent the wheel by embracing past and present design trends and adding your own special twist.

Good luck and have fun!

Try these 6 fresh ways to style your mantel. Read now or pin for later!

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