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Mix Warm and Cool – the key to a friendly house

Using a mix of warm and cool tones is the key.

With grey tones as popular as they continue to be, they can pose a challenge. Especially in March in the Pacific Northwest! To work with this palette we like to mix in warm tones. The rich gold and copper of the accent pieces give just the right amount of warmth to this bungalow. This warmth brings out the depth and color of the flooring. Pairing with the crisp white sofa and burnished aluminum of the artwork ties the decor to the style of the house. Furthermore, the soft grey metal bases also bring out the depth and color of the flooring. All this combines to create a cohesive look throughout the home.

To stage a home well, start with the existing character of the house and work with it not against it. A cohesively staged home draws buyers in and through the property. This invites them to feel comfortable and at home. In this property we took the cool grey and white pallet and balanced it with warmth to create a friendly space.

Market competition

Even in a competitive market, uninviting homes don’t draw offers. And a house that feels cold and has no character or personality is like a limp hand shake “thanks, but I’ll move on to the next one”… 

Bringing a mix of warm and cool palettes is the best way to create drama. Something that gives a house the firm handshake that generates offers.

The OnStage difference

At OnStage, every home gets a unique designer look. This results in a look that is specially designed to work with the features of the home. We highlight the features and selling points to generate buyer interest. Our inventory is carefully chosen to allow us to give our clients the optimum look for their staging needs.

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