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How to Shop Your Home for a Fresh Look

How to Shop Your Home for a Fresh Look

What do you do when the rooms in your home start to feel old and played out but your budget won’t allow for an influx of new decor?

Why, shop your home, of course.

It’s An Adventure

This trick works like a charm when you want to change your space and it’s typically less work than painting walls, definitely less money than redecorating, and if you’re up for it, it’s an adventure in and of itself.

Depending on just how much change you’re dreaming up, there’s a handful of ways to approach your project and we recommend taking inventory of your house before you hatch a plan.

With notebook in hand, let the shopping begin. Peruse each room and take stock of what items you might like to swap out or repurpose. Take some notes and as you wander around, let your mind wander too.

Upon reacquainting yourself with the full force of your possessions, it’s time to wrap your mind around a plan that’ll satisfy that twitchy feeling propelling you forward into the unknown.

Repurpose, Rearrange, Reinvent.

What’ll it be? Do you want to swap some things out, move some things around, or change something entirely?


This is the fun part and might involve spending a few hours down the rabbit hole otherwise known as Pinterest. If you’re not wanting to pull out the hammer and nails or the stain and paint, pick a piece of furniture and put it to new use.

Consider a bookshelf… think simple like using it to store and display things like plants or dishes. If it’s short, see if it works as a bedside table. You could even move it into a hallway and create a pretty place to collect, organize, and conceal odds n’ ends like keys, shoes, dog leashes and mail.


Take what you have and move it around. Whether you’re rearranging the entire floor plan of your living room or swapping the sofa in the den with the winged back chairs in the office, chances are you can freshify your room with a few simple tweaks.

Layout will payout… check out some helpful tips from The Budget Decorator and cut down on the time you spend dragging furniture to and fro. Not everyone has an eye for these things but once you dial in your new arrangement, your space will feel like a new woman and so will you.


Is it bad? The desire to be out with the old and in with the new? Sorry friends, we’re on a budget, so let’s make due. If you’ve got the time and the gumption, there’s oh so much you can do.

Furniture makeovers are fun… until they’re not. If you go this route, chose a project that matches your level of skill and determination (aka, don’t bite off more than you can chew).

Paint a white table turquoise or do some funky stencils if you’re looking for something easy and dramatic. If you’re willing to bust out the tool belt, try something that requires more time and skill like distressing your dining room table to give it an antique or weathered look. Proceed with caution on this one – we’d hate to see your project on the next round of Pinterest fails!

Speaking of Pinterest… we’re betting you have some picture frames in your house. Use them to create a new point of interest in your space. Paint them, stain them, distress them, or just slap those babies up on the wall in a pleasing collage of historical greatness. Display your memories and make your room more interesting.

A New Perspective

Whatever you do, try and see your belongings with a fresh eye and new perspective. Small changes can make big impact so as you shop from room to room, jot your thoughts in your notebook. When you’ve finished the tour, take to Pinterest for inspiration and direction, pick your project and get to making the magic.

You can freshen up your space using things you already own. Here's how. Read now or pin for later!

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