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It’s all about the rug

Area rugs are not just a key part of staging, but can make the difference between a cohesive welcoming look and a disjointed cold assemblage of furniture. Not only do area rugs help ground and group furniture, but in large open concept floor plans they can help define spaces. When used in formal dining rooms they add warmth and friendliness. Area rugs are also a great way to introduce a color scheme to an otherwise neutral palette, or an excellent tool

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Home Staging

‘Tis the season to be busy

Happy holidays from the OnStage team! Are we really at the end of December? Gone are the days of the slow sleepy holiday real estate season. We’re staging like mad and properties are still flying off the market. Our current schedule has us booked into the end of the first week of January, so please keep us posted on your upcoming listings. On a similar topic, we are excited to be adding to both our design

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Staging or decorating?

We always say that there is a fine line between decorating and staging, but what exactly is that line? Mainly, decorating is design meant to appeal to a small group or even just one person. Staging is design geared to appeal to the widest audience possible. For example, when decorating someones home it can be ok to treat each room with it’s own look, style or feel. In staging, we aim for a cohesive consistent look

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Home Staging

Inventory control… aka Taming the warehouse beast

How much furniture, art, and accessories can you fit into a 20,ooo sq ft warehouse? We’re about to find out! After years of storing our inventory list in 3 collective brains, we are joining the modern age and cataloging and inventorying our “stuff”. Tedious, somewhat painful, a little mind numbing, and did we mention tedious? But, in the end we’ll be organized and efficient! Undertaking this monumental task will allow us to be able to deliver

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Small and ugly, or big and beautiful

The strangest attitude that we encounter is that only large high price point properties need staging. We find that low price point/ smaller properties often benefit the most from staging. We recently staged a  one bedroom 550 square foot home in North Portland’s Cully neighborhood. The homeowner decided to try selling the home vacant. After two months on the market and practically no showings he followed his Realtors’ advice and had us stage the home.

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We're staging safely

So you can take advantage of the hot market!

The coronavirus shouldn’t stop you from getting premium results, especially right now while homes are in high demand and the market is piping hot!

We’ve got a system in place to allow us to make your home look fantastic, while also protecting you and our team members according to the CDC guidelines.

So let’s do this! Give us a call today to book your free staging consultation.


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